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Ceramic Styling Brushes | Bridezilla Collection
Bridezilla Collection | Mirror Mirror hair and makeup studio
Ceramic Styling Brushes | Bridezilla Collection
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Ceramic Styling Brushes | Bridezilla Collection

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💫Ceramic Styling Brushes

Our collection of nano thermal ceramic styling brushes enhance to look of the hair , improve texture, and reduce brittle hair and split ends.

Our brushes help to reduce frizz and add shine, they seal the cuticle which produces a smooth and soft textured look from roots to ends. Create loose curls in medium to long hair and help straighten and add volume to shorter and medium styles.

Why use these brushes? 

The human scalp naturally produces oil called sebum which acts as a protector for the hair. The boar bristles in our brushes help to spread this sebum around to lubricant each of the hair strands which then reduces frizz , enables quick drying and leaves you with a smooth finish.

Our brushes come in three sizes, their round vented barrels create volume and shine, they heat up faster and retain heat longer. The extra large vents in the barrel are great for airflow , reducing drying time and adding more shine . This along with the brushes anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, eliminates frizz and flyaways.

Durable in mild to high heat. Perfect for medium-long hair drying and styling.

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